Graces written for various occasions.


A Joiners and Leavers Lunch grace, at the Royal Marines Barracks, Chivenor.

Before Lunch Grace:

We thank you, heavenly Father, for meat and wine and veg
for colleagues who are leaving, Commando Logistic Reg-
-iment, 24 Commando En-gin-eers or 22
who've given us so much here, and move to pastures new.
May lasting memories keep us, in friendship close and strong
pray make your richest blessings, to them and us lifelong!

After Lunch Grace:

We Joiners now look forward, sustained by food and wine
to hearing all the dirt dished, in manner true and fine.
With thanks for those who've served us, and those who've cooked our lunch
we're fortified and strengthened - 'tis good, for here's the crunch:
for my prayer's yours on Sundays, for then 'tis me who preaches
we join together pleading, O Lord - grant us short speeches!


A 'cardinal points' grace, for Project Compass

Before Dinner Grace:

As dawn comes daily in the East,
Give grateful hearts Lord, for this feast,
To give you thanks for food and wine,
And those who serve us as we dine.

As gentle warm winds blow from south,
So may the words that pass our mouth,
be generous, helpful, caring, kind,
so each neighbour becomes a friend.

The brilliant white snow in the North,
shows us each Service person's worth:
Though homeless, workless, nonetheless
Through Compass may their lives we bless.

Now as the sun sets in the west,
Remind us all to give our best,
For Project Compass, and for our Lord,
That many more lives may be restored.

After Dinner Grace:

We thank you, Lord, for food and wine,
To strengthen heart and soul and mind,
And now at auction time we pray,
That generous bids will mark this day,
Protect us from each twitch and tic,
That might make us ourselves to kick,
But from our surplus let us give,
That Compass may let others live.

Cunnigham Squadron Graces: BRNC Dartmouth,
originally written for the Squadron Dinner Night, March 2009

Before Dinner Grace:
This grace celebrates Admiral 'ABC' Cuningham's ships.

Doris, Hannibal, Diadem Implacable
as we sit down to eat don’t let our talk be full of bull;
Locust, Torpedo Boat, Scorpion and Termagant:
grant us, Lord, thankful hearts: may our words be truly meant;
Seafire, Lochinvar, Rodney and Pembroke:
give courtesy and gratitude to every steward; every cook.
Coventry, the mighty Hood, and last HMS Warspite:
command us, Lord, in act and word, on this, our Squadron Dinner Night.

After Dinner Grace:
Cuningham was a great fighting Commander: he also undertook the task - he said the harder task - of piloting the Royal Navy through the transition to peace.

The battles of Taranto, Matapan and Crete
built our tradition once: now, strengthened by our meat
we thank you, Lord, for those who’ve cooked and those who served;
as speeches now await us, we pray our hearts be stirred:
grant love of justice, Lord; power used to help the poor,
Like Cunningham: to build for peace, not just for war.

Graces for the Royal Marines Corps Dinner: October 2006

Before Dinner Grace:

We thank you Father as we sit to dine
You give us happiness, and food and wine
And as we sit to eat this birthday meal
We pray our broken hurting world you’d heal
Keep safe from rock and tempest, fire and foe,
Those now deployed, and those who soon will go
Our Father, bless we pray each Royal Marine
Our families, friends and colleagues, and our Queen.

After Dinner Grace:

Thanks Lord for starter, main course and the pud
The service, wine and music - all's been good
We've talked the years since 1664
Remembered laughter, sadness, peace and war
Now grant Commando Ethos that we might
Be strengthened for our final work this night
The evening's not yet done - new heights it reaches,
Keep us now wakeful, Lord, it's time for speeches!

A farewell Grace for Maj Gen Garry Robison

Before Dinner Grace:

On this farewell to Garry Robison,
Thanks Lord for meat: it’s pork (not venison),
We thank you, over Parma ham,
That the next CG will be this man.
Thanks also Lord for courgettes ridged
And for his wife, the lovely Bridget.
Thanks for our staff - not one’s a dud
And thanks for every Jersey spud.
For cabbage parcels on plates piled,
For croutons, cheese and mushrooms wild,
On ladies night, with fruits exotic,
Thank you too for thoughts erotic.
Enough! No more of this poor ballad,
Let’s turn to, with smoked salmon salad.

After Dinner Grace:

So thanks Lord that we’ve been well fed,
And drunk our fill of Oakwood Red
We’ve also has some Oakwood white
To lubricate this ladies night
(I haven’t drunk much sparkling water
Though truth to tell I should have ought’to)
Now, as we drink Skeffington Port
We pray, Lord, keep the speeches short!

Ladies Night, 26 May 2006
CTCRM Officers Mess

CTCRM Farmers Lunch, 2006

Before Dinner Grace:

Through Adam’s sin cursed was the ground
By sweat the farmer works year round
We eat the plants he grows, from birth
until we die and rest in earth

Our lives are fields - if sown with sin
Destruction then flows from within
to please the Spirit then should be
our aim, to reap eternal life again

O Lord - the Common, Moor and Sea
All give to you testimony
So thank you for this news so good
For joyful hearts, and friends and food


Grace at Farewell Meal for Rodney Helme

Before Dinner Grace:

Be present at our table, Lord!
Be here and everywhere adored.
Your mercies bless, and grant that we
May feast in Paradise with Thee!

After Dinner Grace:

For all that is past,
For all that lies ahead,
For Rodney,
For all friends,
And for the food we have eaten,
We give you thanks,
Our gracious heavenly father.

A Trafalgar Night Grace

Before Dinner Grace:

In faith Lord Nelson prayed for victory
For righteous conduct and humanity
And though his moral life was somewhat frail
He led our fleet of seven and twenty sail
To vict'ry, on Trafalgar's glorious day
And so in his own words our grace we pray:

God save the Queen
Bless our victuals
Make us thankful.


After Dinner Grace, in HMS ALBION:

As we thank our Heavenly Father for our meal, and for those who have prepared and served it, we thank God too for Lord Nelson, whose final battle expressed our ship’s motto (which I know I need not remind anyone here of): Fortiler, Fideliter, Feliciter - Boldly, Faithfully, Successfully.
So, an Albion Grace:

Let us pray:

To do what’s right, when others’ feet get cold
We pray for courage strong to make us Bold
To Faithf’lly serve our Sailors and Marines
Our Captain, and each other, and our Queen
And so that we our hurting world may bless
To fight for Peace and Justice with Success



Before Dinner Grace:

Around this happy table may no evil ever come,
but health and peace and happiness make up our daily sum.

After Dinner Grace:

Heavenly Father, thank you for the food we've eaten
and for those who've served and entertained us.
Please keep us ever grateful for all you give us,
and ever mindful of the needs of others.

For the Royal Marines' Corps Birthday

After Dinner Grace:

We've ate and drank till we could take no more
We've kept the old tradition of the Corps
With thanks to God that we've been fed and wined
And thanks to all who've served us as we dined
Now though on Sundays I'm the one who preaches,
Yet on this Mess Night all our prayer's: "Short Speeches!"

A Grace before a Valentine's Day Dinner

For rabbits young and rabbits old
for rabbits hot and rabbits cold
for rabbits tender; rabbits tough
we thank you Lord, there's food enough.

For lovers young and lovers old,
for lovers hot and lovers cold
for loving tender; loving rough
we thank you, Lord, there's love enough.

Before Dinner Grace for YO2006

Thanks Father for this meal of many ends;
to eat our food with colleagues and with friends.
Through these good victuals strengthen each YO
for all Eye-Opener brings - rain, fog or snow.
We thank you for our staff who, as we dine,
serve us our hoofing scran, and pour our wine.
So thank you Father for each sip and bite
and may we all enjoy dinner tonight.

An After-Dinner Grace at the Commando Training Centre, Royal Marines, on the occasion of Paddy George and Ian Gardiner leaving the Corps

Before Dinner Grace:

For the meal we have eaten,
and for those who have prepared and served it;
for the company we have enjoyed,
and for friendships strengthened or renewed;
for Paddy George and Ian Gardiner,
and for the privilege of working alongside them,
we give you thanks, good Lord,
and may we ever remain thankful,
Lord Jesus Christ, for the gift of each day.

After Dinner Grace:

As we have savoured this meal,
may we savour every moment of our lives,
and the remembrance of this evening.

An acrostic grace for the decommissioning dinner of HMS Beagle

Heavenly Father, whose son Jesus Christ established his kingdom on the cross with the words 'It is finished', make us:
Brave as he who turned his face to Jerusalem and death;
Energetic as he who strove for peace on earth;
Angry with injustice, as he who drove the cheats form the Temple;
Grateful to him who gave his life that we might live for ever;
Loving as he who loved even his enemies, to turn them into his friends.
And grant that we may do all these things to a finish, and so enter our
Eternal home with him in heaven.

Graces for a Mess Dinner at 40 Commando, Royal Marines

Before Dinner Grace:

Father in heaven, you made the grain and the grape, that we might not only be fed but also be made joyful:
for this food and drink, and for those who prepare and serve it, we thank you.

An acrostic After Dinner Grace:

For Our Repast, Thank You.

A Celtic Seafarers’ Grace

Before Dinner Grace:

Helmsman: Be the ship blest
Crew: By God the Father blest
Helmsman: Be the ship blest
Crew: By God the Son blest
Helmsman: Be the ship blest
Crew: By God the Spirit blest

Chaplain: God the Father,
God the Son and God the Spirit
Blessing give best:
Be the ship blest.
Being of all, the King of all,
Spirit of all,
Over our head eternal fall;
Near to us, sure, for evermore.

A somewhat random grace based on Proverbs 15:17

Before Dinner Grace:

"Better a meal of vegetables where there is love
than a fattened calf with hatred."
Grant, Holy Father, that our eating may be sanctified
by love for one another and for you;

Corps Dinner, 2012

Before Dinner Grace:

From 28 October, in 1664,
The Royal Marines have served their land in peace as well in war
In River Plate, Gallipoli, Gibraltar in its might
At Bunker Hill, Zeebrugge, Trafalgar’s deadly fight
The Falkland Islands, Walcheren, Belleisle and Normandy
Have writ in blood and sacrifice our Corp’s bold history
So give us thankful hearts, we pray,
not just for food and wine,
but for the years we celebrate
together as we dine.
May all the dits we spin together
Burnish ethos bright
That our Corps is further strengthened
through our Birthday meal tonight.

After Dinner Grace:

We thank you Lord for starter, for main course and the pud
The service, wine and music – each one has all been good
We've talked the Corps’ proud history: Helmand; Lashkar Gah
Remembered friends and colleagues, laughter, sadness, peace and war
Now grant Commando Spirit, to each one that we might
Be strengthened even further for our final work this night
The evening's not yet done – No no! New heights it reaches,
Keep us alert and wakeful, Lord! It’s come! It's time for speeches!

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